Accessibility at WordCamp Boston

Accessibility is a priority in the WordPress Community. WordCamp Boston is making an effort to be accessible to as many people as want to attend. Read on for more information about the services we’re offering.

Wheelchair Accessibility

WordCamp is held on the second and third floors of the George Sherman Union (see our location page for information getting here). There is an elevator in the cafe (to the left when you come into the space) which will take you into the networking & sponsor area.

Handicapped parking passes are available on request – leave a comment when you’re buying your ticket, or drop us a note.

CART (live captions)

Every session this year will also have a stenographer providing Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services. CART provides a transcript of a speaker’s words in real-time, available on a screen next to the presenter, or on your own device.

Priority Viewing Areas

Each session room will have a row or section of seats near the front reserved for anyone who needs to be close to the CART screen and/or presenter.

Large-Print Schedules

While everyone’s badge will have the schedule printed inside, these small schedules can be hard to see. If you need it, we’ll have large-print schedules at the registration desk. You can also always check the schedule on your phone, tablet, or computer.

RTF Format Schedules

We’re also offering the schedule in RTF format for downloading. You can download the Saturday Schedule in RTF, or the Sunday Schedule in RTF.

Quiet Area

If you need a break from the bustle of WordCamp, we have a space for you. This room will be set aside from the rest of the session rooms, and will be available for anyone who needs to take a break.

Nursing Mothers Area

We’ve arranged a private nursing mothers’ room for women who need a private space for breastfeeding.


The afterparty is at a wheelchair accessible location – Sunset Cantina, at 916 Commonwealth Avenue. This is a 0.4 mile walk up the street from the conference venue. There will be food (appetizers) and drinks available.

Preview the Space

Sometimes it’s easier to think about going somewhere when you already know what it looks like. Most of the event takes place on the second floor, but there is also space on the third floor.