Presentation Slides

This is a WIP! We’ll be updating this post with slide links throughout the weekend as speakers tweet them on #wcbos. If you’re a speaker, be sure to post your slides!

Saturday Sessions

Creating Intuitive Editing Workflows That Clients Love
Erik Bernskiold

Slick Websites with Custom API Endpoints
Meeky Hwang

Picture This: Working with Images in WordPress
Elizabeth B. Thomsen

Designing For Integrated Experiences Across Campus
Travis Totz

Building a Large-Scale, Sustainable, and Efficient WordPress Site
Ellen Biewald, Greg Opperman

The Frustration with Website Security
Krystle Herbrandson

Designing & Theming for Perfomance
Matthew Dorman

A Better User Experience With The WordPress Customizer
Andrew Taylor

WordPress Upgrade Anxiety No More: 5 Steps to Having a No Surprise Upgrade
Dustin Meza

JavaScript 2099: The Future and Present of JS
Christopher Plummer

Keynote: 2016 Trends in Communication and Design
Diane Danielson

Page Builder Showdown
Gina Deaton

Ready! Filter! Action!
Amanda Giles

WPaaS: A Centralized Approach to Managing WordPress At Boston University
Inderpreet Singh, Andrew Bauer

Why Design Matters
Andrea Trew

The Power of Templates
Daniel Miller

add_action (‘wp’, ‘for_higher_ed’);
Mike Burns

Organizing Your First Website Usability Test
Anthony D Paul

Writing Testable Plugins
Payton Swick

WordPress for NonProfit Organizations: An Open Source journey
Kevin Cristiano

Introduction to Wireframing
Karalyn Thayer

Learn to Love Documentation
Ashley Kolodziej

Getting Classroom Blogging Up and Running in Higher-Education
Joshua Eaton, Adrienne Debigare

Sunday Sessions

Cain & Obenland in the Morning!
Konstantin Obenland, Michael Cain

101 Ways to Rock as a Freelancer
Troy Dean, Kristina Romero

How to Get 100 Content Ideas in an Hour
Nicole Kohler

Empowering your Clients and Being an Advocate for You
Aaron Ware

5 Ways to Contribute to WordPress (If You’re Not a Developer)
Adam Warner

From Blog to Business: Running a WordPress Membership Site
Brian Krogsgard

Passionate Podcasting with WordPress
Amy Felman

Power SEO for Your WordPress Website
Tom Shapiro

Machine Learning with WordPress
K.Adam White

Setting Up Monthly WordPress Care Plans for Predicable Income
Kristina Romero

Call For Speakers Open!

If you’ve ever been to a WordCamp, you know that the talks are a huge part of the event. We love that so many people want to share their WordPress knowledge with our community, and have had amazing talks come out of WordCamp. You can even watch last year’s videos online!

Do you have a lesson, idea, or story you want to share with our audience? You should apply to speak. You don’t need to have tons of public speaking experience (or any), all we ask is that you be able to present your chosen topic passionately and respectfully (there are a few other guidelines outlined on the speaker application). If you’re unsure about a topic, we’re happy to chat it through.

This year we’re trying something a little different with our speaker applications. In addition to our usual lineup, we’re aiming to have two pre-determined tracks: WordPress 101 on Saturday morning to get people new to WordPress up-to-speed for the rest of the conference; and WordPress in Higher Education.

We’re also trying to put together some panels for general conversation on common topics. If you’re interested in volunteering for a panel, check that out.

We’ll close speaker applications in May 8th, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your presentations done 🙂