WP Email Delivery

WP Email Delivery, from the creators of SendPress, is a cloud service designed to take away the pain of sending email through your WordPress hosting provider. If you’ve ever been aggravated that you did not receive an email from your WordPress site because something was misconfigured or blocked by your hosting provider, WP Email Delivery is exactly what you need. Simply activate the plugin and enter your API key and all WordPress emails will be delivered through us.

We are a drop-in replacement for all email sent with wp_mail, which means we work with virtually every plugin and configuration available, including Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Easy Digital Downloads, Woo Commerce, and of course SendPress.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the core features of WP Email Delivery:

Integrates directly with all major WordPress e-Commerce and Membership plugins
Efficiently replaces wp_mail() to send emails via our API
Offers a complete management area with WordPress
Works out of the box on all hosting companies, even those with aggressive firewalls and port blocking
Extensive reporting on referrals, affiliates, and visits
Supports SPF and DKIM signing (requires domain verification).

Try us out today for free with our 50 emails per month.